Thursday 28 December 2017

Using Sparkling Water As A Beauty Treatment??? + DIY TONER

Hey Loves!

So, I recently read an article about using Sparkling Water as a beauty treatment. I wasn't convinced at all at first but when I decided to give it a go, I was quite AMAZED

Washing your face with carbonated or sparkling water is one of the effortless yet most beneficial methods of clearing up your skin and getting it to glow in a very short period of time. 

Sparkling Water cleanses and tightens the pores, firms the skin by bringing collagen fibres together. 

Carbonated Water also brightens the skin, revitalizes it, gets rid of dead skin cells, purifies the pores and helps you to achieve a healthier-looking glow. It also tones down puffy areas for a smother and supple look. 

🌟 All you have to do is fill a bowl with one part sparkling water and mix it with an equal amount of regular water. To use it as a TONER, store it in either a spray bottle or just a regular water bottle. Use a cotton pad when applying it onto your face.

Diluting carbonated water with regular water will make sure that it is not harsh on the skin. Submerge your face into the bowl for about 10-15 seconds. Although using sparkling/carbonated water is suitable for all skin types, do this twice a week to avoid irritation if your skin is very sensitive.

If you stick to the routine, your skin should appear fresher and more radiant in as little as a month.


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