Custom Designer Blog Headers / Week 1 June 2018

Hey Loves!

I'm back with something new. For the whole month of June, I will be posting Designer/Custom Blog Headers every week. 

I will be designing about 10 Blog Headers each week  (Readymade and Custom). 

If you're interested in getting a Custom Blog Header (suited only for your blog) then please feel free to email me
( You can also Tweet or DM me (@shaniamua ).


Readymade Blog Headers: £2

Custom Blog Headers: £5

SPECIAL OFFER: Both Readymade & Custom Blog Header: £6

🌟 Please rest assured that I will try my best to help you with  setting up your blog header and that I can happily make any changes regarding the design or dimensions anytime. 

So here are this weeks Blog Headers! If you're interested in buying one of them, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, please note that 🌟 ALL PAYMENTS SHOULD BE MADE THROUGH PAYPAL BEFORE THE BLOG HEADER IS SENT TO YOU BY EMAIL. 🌟 All Blog Headers are high quality. Standard Dimension: 1250 x 344 . 

Custom Blog Headers: (£5)

1) "The Life of a Blogger" Blog Header 

2) "I wanna travel the world" Blog Header

3) "Beauty Blogger" Blog Header

Readymade Blog Headers: (£2)

1) "Green Leaf" Blog Header

2) "Girly Pink" Blog Header

3) "Travel the Globe" Blog Header

4) "Forest" Blog Header

5) "Blue Stars" Blog Header

6) "Glossy" Blog Header

7) "Pink Stars" Blog Header

8) "Pink & Sequins" Blog Header

9) "Orange Sunset" Blog Header

10) "Golden Leaf" Blog Header

11) "Purple Sequins" Blog Header

12) "Gold Sequins" Blog Header

13) "Purple & Green Floral" Blog Header

14) "Gold & Pink" Blog Header

15) "Sea Green" Blog Header

16) "Pink Brush" Blog Header

17) "Simple Sunset" Blog Header

That's it for Week 1! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. My Favourite is the "Life of a Blogger" Blog Header. Which one's yours?

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