Friday 20 July 2018

My Skincare Pamper Routine - Guest Post By Nons Mshengu

Hi lovelies, my name is Nons Mshengu and I am a South African beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. 
Shania and I decided to collaborate and do guest posts for each other, so her amazing post on her pamper routine will be on my blog the same way mine is on hers. I hope you enjoy reading my pamper routine & that you pick up a tip or two from me. Much love! 

I will start off by reminding you how important it is so pamper yourself every now and then. I know a lot of people feel guilty about treating themselves but honestly, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. Sometimes you need time to sit back, relax and rejuvenate. Self care is something I live by & it’s changed my entire attitude on life and most importantly, helped me to start loving myself. 

The first thing I do on a pamper night is to take off all jewelry, tight jeans and high and tight ponytails.The point is for you to be and feel relaxed - so get rid of anything that makes you stressed or adds unnecessary negative energy around you (even if it’s little siblings or a nagging partner). 

Next, I light my candles and light up my incense sticks. I function better when my room smells really good and there’s that dim and romantic lighting and sometimes, slow soul music. 

Then, I start to take off my make up. I use the Garnier Make Up wipes on a daily basis when I’m in a rush and just want to go to bed, but on my pamper night I use pure coconut oil to remove my make up. Coconut oil ? Yes sis, coconut oil. Coconut oil is an amazing make up remover & even gets rid of that waterproof mascara that never wants to leave your eyelashes. What you’re gonna want to do is heat it up for 20 - 30 seconds in the microwave just so that it liquidizes, then I personally use an old make up brush to spread it on my face - you can always use your hands but I prefer a make up brush. 

Right after I put on the coconut oil I go to the wash my face as the coconut oil starts dripping. Now, I have pimple prone skin and constantly struggle to find a face wash that works for me - but at the moment, the Pond’s Pimple Clear face wash has been doing wonders for me. I got this little baby at a Clicks Pharmacy for only R34.99. 

After I wash my face, I take a steaming hot shower or you can bath - whatever you prefer. After my shower/bath like to pat my face dry with a towel and then move on to moisturizing my face because I get really dry skin. On my special pamper days, I usually put on a face mask. The Sorbet cleansing face mask are amazing for rejuvenating your skin and moisturizing it again. This is a buy I will never regret. 

Right after I mask, I let my skin air dry and then moisturize. To moisturize, I use the African Extract Rooibos nourishing night cream. It smells divine and leaves my skin extremely hydrated and feeling amazing. 

If you aren't much of a writer, you can tuck in with a good book or magazine or even with your favourite series - this is after all a pamper routine that should suit you and you need to do whatever it is that makes you feel happy inside. 

I hope this post has helped someone in one way or another and it was a pleasure to meet all of you. 

With all my love, 

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