Wednesday 14 November 2018

Lifestyle - Things To Let Go Of Right Now

Hey loves!

Eeeks! I literally realised that I haven't written an actual Lifestyle post since July!!! My last lifestyle post turned out to be very popular, it was 10 Ways To Practice Self-Care. You can read it here

So today I wanted to write about things you can stop doing right now to become a more positive person and maybe improve your lifestyle. I hope these tips will help you in changing your perspective on things. If any of them do work for you then please let me know in the comments section. Here we go.

First and foremost the unnecessary worries (I'm guilty of many of these!)


▲ Worrying about the past

▲ Worrying about what others think of you (totally me!)

▲ Worrying about things you cannot change 

▲ Your insecurities

▲ Fear of Failure

▲ Worrying about anyone and anything that doesn't make you happy

Everyday Thoughts and Actions

▲ The belief that the "grass is always greener"

▲ Comparing yourself to others

▲ Jealousy

▲ Procrastinating on important things

▲ Overindulging in unhealthy habits

▲ Thinking negatively about yourself and your body image

▲ Unrealistic expectations


▲ Trying to make everyone happy

▲ Failing to care for both your mental and physical health

▲ The idea of a "Perfect Life"

▲ The need to be in control of everything

▲ Unhealthy relationships

▲ A job you hate

▲ Overscheduling

▲ Your Pride

▲ I can't stress enough how much self-love (and care!) is necessary. It's important to care for others but do we treat ourselves the same way??? I've started implementing some "Me Time" into my daily routine and it definitely helps a lot!
Self-Care reduces stress, improves both mental and physical health and just overall makes you happy and increases positivity.

I really hope these tips were helpful!

Until next time,

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