Monday 3 December 2018

Blogmas Day 3 : What I LOVE about the Festive Season!

Hey loves!

For BLOGMAS DAY 3, I thought of sharing what I love about the festive season. This time of the year is literally what I wait for and it's like I don't want December to end. So here's a list of my favourite things about Christmas!!!

🎄 First off, listening to festive songs and christmas carols. This has to be by far my favourite. Listening to festive songs makes me feel like a child again, running and dancing around the house. Humming between friends and even singing with strangers on the train or bus! Music just creates the perfect atmosphere, click here to view my favourite Xmas playlist!

🎄 Next up are the pretty lights and decorations. Just seeing the Christmas street lights evoke a feeling of warmth and happiness. Also, how could I not mention picking a christmas tree and most importantly actually decorating it! The struggle of where to place certain ornaments or to choose between different pretty baubles!

🎄 Staying up late and family get-togethers! I love the parties and going out! 

🎄 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! I mean who doesn't love to shop?! Christmas shopping is extremely exciting, I really enjoy buying presents for my friends and family but it's a real struggle to keep the presents a secret from them! Especially me, whenever I buy someone a present, I'm always so impatient to see their reaction so sometimes keeping the gifts a secret is really hard!

🎄 An excuse to wear UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS! To be honest, I've always and still really enjoy wearing them. I always buy a new one every year!

🎄 Watching CLASSIC Christmas Movies and drinking Hot Chocolate! I love snuggling up and watching my all time favourite Xmas films especially with my hot chocolate filled with marshmallows! So "Christmassy"!!!

🎅 I really think there's a lot more but that's all I could come up with for now! If you come up with something, please let me know in the comments so that I can add it to the list!

The Holiday Season is a time to ENJOY! 

Until Next Time,

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