Wednesday 12 December 2018

Blogmas Day 12 : How To Deal With Holiday Stress - 5 Tips

Hey loves!

Yay! Today is the last "Blogmas" Post! In the end I decided to go for the half version (12 days) as the full version is a bit too much for me as I'm quite busy during the month of December ( I mean who isn't?!)

I wanted to share a few tips of how to deal with stress during the festive season. 

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead helps me a lot! I write out all things which need to be done in my planner. I literally cannot live without my planner as it contains EVERYTHING! 

Planning ahead ensures you know what to do and when to do it. It also helps for deadlines!

Be Realistic

Um, *Cough* totally me!

People and priorities DO CHANGE. Be realistic while planning or setting goals. Traditions and rituals often change as well so find new ways or adapt to your current situation. 

Stick To A Budget

If you tend to overspend and regret later, stick to a specific budget! Analyse your expenses, decide how much you can afford to spend. Overspending and not sticking to a budget can lead to financial problems thus leading to STRESS!

Set Aside Differences

Setting aside differences can make a whole world of difference. To be honest, most of my stress is because of relationships.


Stop what you're doing and BREATHE! Make some time for yourself and find something or do something you love! 

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Hope you found this post helpful!

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