Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Taking Heart By Rowena Summers - Agora Books

Rowena Summer’s Taking Heart, originally published in 2000, is being re-released this week by Agora Books. 

About The Book

The Caldwell family's life is turned upside down when their father announces that the family business, Caldwell Supplies, has been bought out by Preston's Emporium. With an ailing mother and a young brother to care for, Imogen and her sisters must find a way to save their childhood home and remain in Bristol.

Everything is about to change...

When a terrible tragedy tears the family apart, the Caldwell girls must forge their own paths in life. And with the Second World War looming over England, their lives begin to change more drastically than they could have imagined.

Through love and heartbreak, fear and loss, can the Caldwell girls make it out unscathed? Or will they be swept up in the chaos of the changing times?

My Review

Rating: 5 / 5 STARS ★★★★★

Taking Heart is a powerful story about love and tragedy set in Bristol, 1939. Historical fiction is my absolute favourite genre and I'm always up for a book set in the backdrop of (pre) WWII. I'm also so happy I got the chance of reading this gem of a book, A HUGE THANK YOU to Agora Books for kindly sending me a proof copy!

Taking Heart had me hooked from the start, introducing me to the wonderful Caldwell family. This story follows the family specifically the eldest daughter Imogen Caldwell as she learns from her father that their haberdashery shop is in crisis, she realises that her life, and that of her family, is about to change beyond recognition. Her mother is ill and responsibility for the household falls on her shoulders.

Some parts of the story were truly heart-wrenching and tear-jerking. I felt emotionally attached to some characters and found myself weeping towards the middle to 3/4 of the book because I couldn't deal with the loss. If you've ever suffered the loss of a close family member, you know how profound of an impact it has on your life.

This book is a real page-turner and I felt nothing but joy when reading (or should I say racing through!)

Taking Heart is a compelling, heartfelt and beautifully written novel. I honestly could not put this book down as it is such a touching and brilliant read.

Taking Heart is a book I thoroughly enjoyed and is amongst my favourite reads of 2019!

Make sure to grab a copy this Thursday (27th)!

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