SHANIAMUA - Introduction

I've been passionate about makeup since a young age. I found it so intriguing. Makeup is one of the ways in which I express my creativity and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE MAKEUP. 
I like to read "makeup blogs" and watch Youtube videos of "Beauty Gurus" rambling on about their favourite products.

80% of the time, I am "makeup-free". I'm comfortable walking around with no makeup, and do it quite frequently. I just enjoy the process of applying makeup. E.g "baking my face", contouring, setting my powder, applying lip gloss etc.

It (my makeup obsession) all started when I used to watch My Beautiful Mum apply her makeup every morning. I remember thinking how amazing it was that she was literally "painting" her face. 

I decided to start a blog as I always get asked about different products, brands, makeup looks and helpful tips & tricks all the time. 

💖 You don't have to wear makeup to look and feel beautiful. 💖

Are you a PR company or brand interested in working with me?
If you feel that my blog is a good fit for your product please drop me an e-mail to: I will take my time to test out the sample(s) thoroughly and when I write the review, they will all be clearly marked with my full experience and opinions about them. 


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