Saturday 3 November 2018

November Readathon: Thin Air By Richard Morgan

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Second on the list for my November Readathon was Thin Air By Richard Morgan which is out since the 25th October so grab your copy here!

Richard Morgan has always been one of the UK's most successful SF authors with his fast-moving and brutal storylines, blistering plots and powerful social conscience behind his work. Now he's back, with his first SF novel for eight years and it promises to be a publication to remember. 

Thin Air

An ex-corporate enforcer, Hakan Veil, is forced to bodyguard Madison Madekwe, part of a colonial audit team investigating a disappeared lottery winner on Mars. But when Madekwe is abducted, and Hakan nearly killed, the investigation takes him farther and deeper than he had ever expected. And soon Hakan discovers the heavy price he may have to pay to learn the truth.

🌠 I'm a big fan of Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon, his writing style and anything to do with sci-fi to be honest but I was a bit disappointed with Thin Air. Thin Air sadly did not have me gripped at the beginning itself. As I really wanted to like it and give it a fair chance I decided to read the whole book.

While reading the book, I was finding it difficult to understand and make out what was happening in the story. It was a "forced read". I tried everything to comprehend what was going on in the story but this one just was not for me. I struggled a lot with the readability. 

Although I am not a big fan of the story, I quite liked the complicated language used. I think that Thin Air is a very advanced read. It's one of those books where you have to read it yourself to decide on your thoughts. 

Thin Air is a standalone novel although set in the same world as Thirteen. If you haven't read Thirteen yet then no worries. Like Richard Morgan's 2002 hit Altered Carbon, Thin Air is a great blend of detective noir and cyberpunk in a dystopian world.

I will definitely give it a second chance further down the line but at the moment it's not a book I enjoyed reading. The rating was difficult to decide on but taking into consideration my struggles to read and comprehend the story, it is a 3.5 Star read. 

My Rating: 1.5 STARS 🌟

Thank you to Gollancz for sending me a review copy!

Grab your copy of Thin Air here

🌠 Next on my November Readathon list is The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides. The review will be up later today. 

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