Thursday 28 December 2017

Soap & Glory - Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream

Hello Loves!

Soap & Glory - Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream:

Soap and Glory always stands out for its glamorous 1950s packaging style.This foot cream contains ingredients such as allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers. It helps to renovate rough feet overnight and will give even the roughest of feet a run for its money. 

Ussage: Massage a generous layer onto clean feet every night (or at least as often as you remember). Slip cotton socks on and let the product soak in while you sleep.

🌟 This cream does exactly what it promised. It softens hard skin and prevents it from cracking. Wearing socks helps hard soles to absorb the cream and soften up.The cream works really well and regular applications show a consistent improvement for hard and discoloured heels.

Heel Genius is definitely worth the price tag. It is an affordable quick-fix solution.  

Precautions: Because this foot cream contains AHAs (which may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun) it is important to wear sunscreen. 

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