Tuesday 11 December 2018

Blogmas Day 11 : 5 Important Winter Skincare Hacks

Hey loves!

With the Winter Season comes with a whole lot of nuisances. *Cough* Dry skin? Chapped lips? and many more. 
Here are some awesome winter skincare hacks to prevent and combat winter skincare woes!


OMG! Just imagine getting caught under the mistletoe with a chapped pout? Eeeks! 

A scrub is a must in your skincare routine. Be it a homemade one or a store-bought one. Exfoliation is vital as dead skin cells reduce the amount of absorption of skincare products. When you don't exfoliate, your skin will start looking dry, dull and rough. Not exfoliating your skin regularly causes the buildup of dead skin cells which can result in excessive oil and clogged pores. AND... Clogged Pores lead to BLEMISHES.

Exfoliating increases blood circulation which results in clear, healthy and glowing skin. 

I normally recommend a Face & Body Scrub (Two in one!) and a Lip Scrub. My favourite lip scrub has to be the Lush Bubblegum one!


Hand cream is an ESSENTIAL! Trust me, your hands will THANK YOU! I always keep a few in my handbag, my bathroom, my kitchen and BASICALLY EVERYWHERE in my house!

SKINCARE HACK #3 - Use A Hydrating Night Mask

 I LOVE Night Masks! They're literally a life saver. I use a night mask every few days and the next morning, my skin is hydrated and looks SUPER CLEAR! 

SKINCARE HACK #4 - Use a Luminous/Dewy Finish Foundation

I often go for a hydrating tinted moisturiser or dewy foundation during the colder months. A dewy finish makes your skin look hydrated, plump, glowy and youthful! 


Um, okay this is something I'm totally guilty of even though I know it's torture for the skin during Winter. I LOVE hot showers, I find it relaxing and calming but taking a long hot shower during Winter just dries out your skin. Your skin becomes dehydrated, dry and flaky!

So these were My 5 Most Important Winter Skincare Hacks! I feel like you can ignore other things but not these 5 habits during the colder months. They're SO IMPORTANT for healthy and glowing skin!

Hope you enjoyed this post,

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