Monday 16 July 2018

Beauty Bakerie Matte Lip Whips / #WhatSmudge

Hey Loves!

I've been meaning to review the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips for quite some time now. This post had been saved as a draft for more than 6 months! Also, just a short disclaimer before I review the lip whips, it's been over 8 months since I bought these products and Beauty Bakerie have now updated and changed their packaging. 

So, I first discovered Beauty Bakerie  in 2016. I was very intrigued by their cute packaging and positive reviews. Videos of swatches kept appearing on my Instagram feed and I found myself desperately wanting to try their products out. 

I finally bought 2 Matte Lip Whips in August (2017). It wasn't until November that I opened them to actually test them out but I've been wearing them on a regular basis since January. 

The shades I bought are Versailles and Gingersnap

Versailles  is cool mauve/pink nude shade. It is perfect for all skin tones. It is my go to nude shade and I wear it everyday. 

Gingersnap is an orangey-brown shade. 

These lip whips are very pigmented and super long lasting. One application is enough and there really is no need for touch ups except if you've eaten something very very very oily! They stay on all day and do not smudge. Beauty Bakerie offers many "Budge-Proof Products". 

These lip whips are also waterproof hence why I like to use the Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub to prep my lips to avoid them from drying out before application and the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Remover  to make the removal a piece of cake! Using the lip whip remover keeps your lips soft and supple and prevents you from having to pull or tug at your skin. 

Overall, these lip whips go on like a dream, the formula is creamy and the applicator is amazing! They are very comfortable to wear and do not crack or feel sticky. 

I am looking forward to buying more shades, I really want to try out Syruptitious and Take Me For Pomegranate . 

Have you tried Beauty Bakerie's products? 

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